MEIC new website online!

2020-12-31 | MEIC team

The multi-resolution Emission Inventory for China (MEIC) has been developed and maintained by Tsinghua University since 2010, which aims to build a high-resolution inventory of China’s anthropogenic emissions for air pollutants and carbon dioxide, share the data products with the scientific community through cloud computing platform. Since MEIC website launched in 2015, it has been used by hundreds of domestic and foreign scientific research and business institutes, providing basic emission data to support the related scientific researches, policy evaluations, and air quality management.

MEIC new website

Recently, we have completed a new facelift and system upgrade of the MEIC website ( The new MEIC website has optimized the organizational structure and content layout, aiming to provide comprehensive and convenient data products and services to the scientific community. The new MEIC website systematically introduces the technical methodology, emission datasets, and related academic researches of the MEIC model through six aspects: news, model introduction, data list, publications, user services, and model team. On the one hand, the new MEIC website simplifies the user registration process. All registration steps can be completed online, which facilitates users to obtain user accounts and data download permissions faster; on the other hand, the configuration function of emission inventory data download is optimized to facilitate users to quickly obtain the required emission data, and provide an interactive view of emission spatial distributions. At the same time, the new MEIC website also releases anthropogenic emissions of ten air pollutants and greenhouse gases from 2010 to 2017 for mainland China.

Welcome to download and use MEIC emission inventory data products through the new MEIC website, and communicate and cooperate with the MEIC model team. In the future, we will continue working hard to integrate various power, and strive to build the MEIC model into an open, world-class emission inventory platform, and continue providing high-quality technical supports for scientific researches and air quality management decision-makings.