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The GBA-EI, led by Junyu Zheng of Jinan University, provides high-resolution gridded emissions for Guangdong province in 2017 and will be continuously improved and cover Macao and Hong Kong in the future. The emission inventory is developed by a bottom-up approach. By updating emission factors, activity data and allocation profiles, the resolution and accuracy of GBA-EI are improved. Emissions are aggregated into six sectors: power, industry, residential, transportation, agriculture and open biomass burning. The industry sector includes industrial combustion, cement, iron and steel, glass manufacturing industry, non-ferrous metals, petroleum refining, other industrial process, industrial solvent use and fuel oil storage and transportation. The residential sector includes residential coal combustion, residential combustion of other fuels, non-industrial solvent use, waste treatment and other residential sources. The transportation sector includes gasoline passenger vehicles, gasoline trucks, diesel passenger vehicles, diesel trucks, other on-road mobile sources and non-road mobile sources. The agriculture sector includes livestock and fertilizer use. The inventory currently provides monthly gridded data at 0.05° spatial resolution and NMVOC emissions are speciated into model-ready inputs for two chemical mechanisms: CB05 and SAPRC07, which enable multiscale modeling of air quality by chemical transport models.

If you have any questions, please contact Junyu Zheng ( in Jinan University.

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  • GBA-EI is restricted to non-commercial purposes. Any uses of GBA-EI by business organizations are regarded as commercial purpose which needs prior authorization.
  • Users are not permitted to distribute the emission inventory data to any third-party.
  • Users must ensure the data integrity and independence when using the emission inventory. Without explicit and prior authorization, no organization or individual is allowed to integrate any forms of the data into other emission products or models.
  • Papers, reports or products using the data should cite the related publications of GBA-EI.

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